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TD Series

The HBL is designed as a one-for-one replacement for HID high bay luminaires.  The powerful light-engines produce as much as 26,167 lumens, and distribute the light into three lighting patterns (Narrow / Medium / Wide). Offering pendant mounting or Hook/Cord;  As well as traditional aluminum and prismatic acrylic “cone” reflectors, serve many applications, such as Industrial Fabrication, Assembly and Warehouse Lighting, Highbay and Lowbay applications, and Indoor Sports lighting.


The SLG SLHB Series Linear High Bay fixtures are available with lumen outputs from 11,000 to 43,000 lumens.  Power factor >90%, 0-10V dimmable drivers are standard.  These fixtures are ideal for one-for-one retrofitting of conventional HID, T8 and T5 fluorescent high bays. Applications from 15ft to 45ft ceilings and widely used in Warehouses, Industrial, Convention Center, Gymnasium and other large indoor spaces.

TA Series
Twin Optic Troffer

The SLG LED TA Series Twin Optic Troffer houses utilizes two frosted lenses to provide maximum source obscuration and visual comfort. Available in 2,250 to 5,750 lumens, 13W to 46W, in 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ configurations for Inverted T-Grid ceilings. This economical luminaire isan ideal choice for commercial office spaces, schools, hospitals, and retail merchandising areas

Surface Wrap

The SLG LED TW Series Surface Wrap Luminaire is a high performance LED system with advanced light distribution and attractive appearance delivers unprecedented energy savings, comfort and aesthetics all at an extremely affordable price. The TW-Series offers a perfect balance of form and function making it an ideal choice for commercial office spaces, schools, hospitals, and retail merchandising areas.

TS Series
Industrial Strip

The SLG LED TS Series Industrial Strip Luminaire are available in 4′ and 8′ configurations, offering from 2,745 to 9,825 lumens . The low-profile, rugged construction and easy installation features make the TS strip light the right choice for illuminating warehouses, assembly lines, fabrication areas, as well as other interior spaces where energy savings is needed.