Spring Lighting Group ( SLG) LED Luminaires and Light Fixtures
SLG Spring Lighting Group LED Luminaire manufacturer in Texas
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Product Highlight

AL G3 Series
Premium Area Light

The Generation 3 AL Series Premium Area Light arm-mounted fully shielded LED outdoor luminaire.  With rugged one-piece construction that is IP65 rated, classic design, and precision optics for targeted illumination and minimal light trespass.   Offered in 100-350W packages providing 14,000 to 52,150 lumens, with multiple mounting options.   Available in three light distribution packages: Type III,  IV and V. This energy efficient AL G3  provides outstanding performance and value at an affordable price.

HC Series Circular High Bay

The SLG HC Series Circular High Bay is designed for use in high-end industrial environments as an economical replacement for for 150W-400W Metal Halide high bays. This powerful light-engines produce as much as 25,000 lumens with sealed die-cast housing.

FD Series Flood Light

The SLG LED FD Series General Purpose Floodlights are offered in three sizes from 45watts to 200 watts, producing from 5385 lumens to 23,430 lumens. These Floodlights incorporate a compact, neutral design for energy-efficient small-area lighting solutions.

HL Series Linear High Bay

The SLG HL Series Linear High Bay fixtures are available with lumen outputs from 11,000 to 43,000 lumens. Power factor >90%, 0-10V dimmable drivers are standard. These fixtures are ideal for one-for-one retrofitting of conventional HID, T8 and T5 fluorescent high bays. Applications from 15ft to 45ft ceilings and widely used in Warehouses, Industrial, Convention Center, Gymnasium and other large indoor spaces.